Small Batch. All of our preserves are made in small batches. This allows us to get the most flavor out of the fruit so you taste pure fruit, not water or other preservatives.

Artisan. Cooking falls somewhere between craft and art. It is both creating something for general consumption, and experimenting with flavors that push boundaries. All of our preserves are made by hand using traditional methods, we hope that the care and attention to detail we take is evident in our premium product.

Local. Cellar Door preserves are proudly made in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan with local ingredients whenever possible which is good for the economy and the environment. Michigan grows a great variety of produce (more variety than any state besides California), we believe in embracing what Mother Nature gives us right where we are and make preserves that highlight the terroir of the upper Mid-West.

Sugar. Most of our preserves do contain sugar. Sugar is a natural and traditional preservative, and used in the right amount it enhances the flavor of the fruit.  Our preserves always have more fruit than sugar.